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Our mission at Da Fonte Pro Training is to give each and every player the opportunity to achieve their goals and dreams, whether that's playing for their local high school, the best club teams in the area, top colleges in the country, or professionally around the world. We want to prepare them for their next level of the game.

What makes us different

1. We have 8 years of professional playing experience in the MLS, USL, and in Europe. As well as NCAA D-1 experience. So when we say train like a pro we mean it.

2. We care about our players so we will help them get tryouts to the better club teams for their age groups.

3. We help players organize their highlight tapes into a structure that is simple and easy for college coaches to see their best qualities.

4. We help reach out to college coaches for our players to make the recruiting process a little easier.

5. Game analysis of clips sent to us by parents for players and if game is local we will do in person analysis.

6. Drills posted to @dafonteprotraining instagram for players to use on their own. 



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